One Direction: Well Monday’s looking busy…

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zayn is slytherin or ravenclaw

harry and niall are hufflepuff 

liam is gryffindor 

louis is slytherin 

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▸ It is now 3 weeks since Michael Brown was murdered by Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson. Officer Darren Wilson still has not been arrested, charged, or even brought to prison or court for the murder of Michael Brown.



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consider this , how the fukc is it september 

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Other members: I think it's time we called quits and go our separate ways.
Niall: hahahahahah legends ! [grabs guitar] [strums wmyb chords]
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unfollow me if you dont like 1d

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Anonymous sent: How is ''female queerness constantly undermined and invalidated by men''


”she’s just experimenting” ”it’s a phase” ”she’s confused” ”can I watch?” ”can I join?” ”you’re a lesbian? that’s hot” *continues to hit on you*  ”you’re bi? wanna threesome?” ”lesbian sex doesn’t count” ”girls only do it for boys attention” ”she just needs to find the right man” ”I can change your mind” ”if you use dildos that means you really just want dick”

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10 year old Yemeni girl smiling after she was granted a divorce from her husband- a 30 year old man

Here’s what I found after looking into it. 

Nujood Ali was nine when her parents arranged a marriage to Faez Ali Thamer, a man in his thirties. Regularly beaten by her in-laws and raped by her husband, Ali escaped on April 2, 2008, two months after the wedding.

On the advice of her father’s second wife, she went directly to court to seek a divorce. After waiting for half a day, she was noticed by a judgeMohammed al-għadha who gave her refuge. He had both her father and husband taken into custody.

Indeed, publicity surrounding Ali’s case is said to have inspired efforts to annul other child marriages, including that of an 8 year old Saudi girl who was allowed to divorce a middle-aged man in 2009.

But in 2013 Ali reported to the media that her father had forced her out of their home and is withholding her money granted by publishers. Her father has also arranged a marriage for her younger sister, Haifa.

Also this girl has her own book

I just want some feminists to focus more on this than on defending Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian.

Realistically, what can they do? Most of the feminists that you likely encounter are based in USA, Canada, maybe UK. What can they do to affect attitudes and policies in a place like Yemen?

They can raise awareness. Tumblr is a global site where you can donate to people in many countries to aid them.

A very good thing they can do, for one, is set up donations for this kid or other kids. They can put efforts to start up shelters for such incidents.

There’s a lot of things western feminists can do. This post only has almost 9k posts, whereas a post about male tears has 36K.

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having friends who always need you to listen to their issues but don’t listen to yours is so hard, like i feel bad and i wish i could help but all you do is unload on me drunk at 2am…

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“Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for - in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.”

Ellen Goodman
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